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Our studio takes pride in being the creative force behind numerous influential brands across six countries, many of which you encounter on a daily basis. In Azerbaijan, we have successfully developed Bolkart and Birkart instalment cards, which now dominate half of the financial market. Our portfolio also includes designing the distinctive logo for Shusha, the symbol of the Azerbaijani manat, as well as creating corporate brands such as Rabita Bank, Teleport, AzerCosmos, and BP Azerbaijan. Additionally, we have delivered corporate branding for Mugan Bank, alongside multiple design and branding initiatives for Risk. In Kazakhstan, we have undertaken the rebranding for Kommesk and Centras companies, while in the USA, we have made our mark with the Sumnotes project.


The branding process begins with comprehensive research to gain a deep understanding of your business, industry and objectives. This research forms the basis for developing a branding strategy that aligns with your goals.

Local and Global Benchmarking

We analyze branding trends and best practices both locally and globally within your industry. This benchmarking helps us identify effective strategies and innovative ideas that can guide the creation of your brand identity.

Competitor Analysis

We study your competitors' branding strategies, visual identities and messaging. This analysis helps us identify opportunities to differentiate your brand and create a unique value proposition in the market.

Focus Groups

Conducting focus groups with a representative sample of your target audience allows us to gather qualitative insights. These insights help shape your brand's attributes, ensuring they resonate with the preferences and aspirations of your audience.


We interview key stakeholders, including your team members and leadership, to understand your brand's core values, mission and vision. These insights are crucial for creating a branding strategy that authentically represents your business.

Target Audience

Defining your target audience is essential for tailoring your branding to the right people. We create a detailed profile of your ideal customers, considering demographics, behaviors, preferences and needs.


We identify the brand archetype that best aligns with your business personality and values. Archetypes provide a clear framework for crafting consistent messaging and visuals that resonate with your audience.

Tone of Voice

Establishing a tone of voice ensures that your brand communicates consistently and authentically across all platforms. Whether it's friendly, professional, humorous, or informative, the tone reflects your brand's character.

Brand Positioning

Based on research and insights, we define your brand's unique positioning in the market. This sets your brand apart from competitors and highlights the specific value you offer to your target audience.

Brand Identity

The culmination of the branding process, the brand identity includes the creation of a distinctive logo, color palette, font and visual elements. The visual identity combines your brand's personality and values.

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