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Hundreds of mega brands, including Bolkart, Birkart, Kommesk and Centras have been created from scratch in the studio. You come across them in your daily life.

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Web projects

Through the creation of numerous websites that cater to a wide spectrum of industries, including 90% of local banks, insurance companies, shopping malls, and the airport, our agency has played a pivotal role in shaping Azerbaijan's web infrastructure and revolutionizing customer experience.

Mobile Apps

From online payment systems and loyalty programs to mobile insurance and beyond, we strive to create innovative solutions that enhance convenience and enrich user experiences. Our apps simplify the lives of thousands of users.


We specialize in building fully customized online stores and marketplaces that not only generate substantial profits but also seamlessly integrate into people's everyday lives. Our e-commerce solutions enable thousands of users to browse and purchase a diverse array of products. From purchasing phones at Irshad Electronics to shopping for stylish Sisley and Benetton clothes on MyBrands, ordering food from, jewellery from Resm, and conveniently paying bills via E-pul, our platforms have become an integral part of people's daily routines.

Branding and Design

Our studio takes pride in being the creative force behind numerous influential brands across six countries, many of which you encounter on a daily basis. In Azerbaijan, we have successfully developed Bolkart and Birkart instalment cards, which now dominate half of the financial market. Our portfolio also includes designing the distinctive logo for Shusha, the symbol of the Azerbaijani manat, as well as creating corporate brands such as Rabita Bank, Teleport, AzerCosmos, and BP Azerbaijan. Additionally, we have delivered corporate branding for Mugan Bank, alongside multiple design and branding initiatives for Risk. In Kazakhstan, we have undertaken the rebranding for Kommesk and Centras companies, while in the USA, we have made our mark with the Sumnotes project.


From crafting compelling narratives to visualizing concepts through storyboards, we bring ideas to life, leaving a lasting impression on both clients and their audiences.

Digital Marketing

At the core of our digital marketing strategies lie the tools that help us ensure that the brands of our clients receive maximum visibility, engage their target audience, and ultimately, boost sales.

Data, AI and Automation

One of our true passions is combining marketing with AI. Automating marketing processes and making them more efficient has always been our goal.


Our Strategy service provides bases that help decision-makers to lead their businesses towards growth. This includes things like figuring out the best ways to develop and promote your products, managing how people see your brand and coming up with effective marketing plans.

Quality Assurance

Quality control of a website (website QA) is the process during which optimizers and developers test the website to ensure that everything looks and functions correctly on all relevant devices and browsers. For optimizers, quality control ensures the website's quality before visitors encounter difficulties and other "conversion killers." The quality control process includes checking UX/UI design, code verification, and admin panel assessment. QA checks encompass speed, error messages, text and content, image quality/performance, accessibility, links, font style and size, website security, online forms, submitted emails in line with expectations, and concludes with resolving errors and failures.

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