Identity for Kommesk

April 12, 2021

In 2018, we developed rebranding for Kommesk Insurance, which was crowned with success.

To maintain the integrity of the communication, make it more recognizable among competitors and create an emotional connection with the consumer, it was necessary to create brand attributes.

The goal was to humanize the brand, that is, to create characters. All products and promotions would be communicated through them.


We went through 6 stages from referencing to drawing illustrations and the subsequent adaptation of characters:

  1. Research 2) Psychographic segmentation 3) Character / Image definition 4) Identity 5) Result 6) Subsequent adaptation.

After market research, we moved on to developing archetypes. Our “Friend and Skeptic” portraits represent the conflict between confidence and skepticism.

In most cases a friend is a loyal supporter of the Protagonist. His main goal is to support. Sometimes he may doubt who or what he supports, but he always remains loyal.


The friend is balanced by the Skeptic. Where the Friend believes, the Skeptic doubts, where the Friend supports, the Skeptic opposes. The Skeptic's function is to point out previously failed ideas, to bring a critical point of view. Often the Skeptic questions the actions, thoughts and philosophy of the Protagonist, and turns out to be right. In turn, the Friend points out the positive aspects of the Protagonist, which lead him to success.


As a result, we got unique characters of Aydar and Barkhan, and a concept that promises to live a long time.

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