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Digital marketing for E-PUL Payment system

How we optimized the user experience and raised the number of registrations by 400% and turnover by 104%.

The E-PUL project is an e-payment system, which allows you to make payments using various communication tools and channels.

We have head up marketing and digital marketing for E-pul for a year. During this time, a lot of work has been done.

We had 3 tasks at the beginning:
1) to retain Users
2) to attract new users
3) to optimize costs

We went through 3 stages of working process: listening, creating, delivering. At the first stage, we analyzed the market and listened to the data. We ran a large number of user tests to find flaws in the system, and thereby stop the leakage of users and turn them into permanent ones. We have created a user experience map in order to understand where the user leaves the system, to find the so-called barriers of customer.
We have created a new bonus system and increased the conversion on the website.

Next, we started attracting new traffic to the website using 4 methods:
1) SEO
2) Partner backlinks
3) Modules
4) App Stores

If you are going to work with a company for a long time, you need to set the rules initially. In this video we are talking about the rules we set and followed to make this project succesfull.