Bank of Baku had contacted us in connection with application in Azerbaijan of the first plastic card which is widely applied in the world.

Our goal was to develop various elements of a brand (character, slogan, colors) and to create an advertising campaign for it. 

We have developed a general concept for both campaigns as well as a slogan "Bala bala ödə" and character for them. Our studio has also created mobile application, website, audio and video clips within the campaign.

As a result, "Bolkart" which is the first plastic card of Azerbaijan has obtained a wide application in the country and has kept leadership among plastic cards to present day.

An outdoor advertising for Bolkart.

Based on the fact that the number of the shops using "Bolkart" has exceeded 500 we developed a new communication strategy under the name "Sevdiyin brendlər Bolkartla” ("Favourite brands with Bolkart").

Some years later, a MasterCard payment system started to be used in Bolkart plastic cards. We developed an advertising campaign to bring this joyful news to attention of all Bolkart users. Our purpose was to create an easy-to-grasp advertising campaign and to inform the Bolkart users that they could apply the card in all places where the MasterCard payment system was used.

Continuous update of the website ( presented new opportunities for its users. Our studio has also executed design development of the website.