Website and mobile App for Irshad

Our partnership with Irshad started in 2019 when we developed one of the biggest E-commerce websites in Azerbaijan. Our primary objective was to design a user-friendly website that met the client's requirements. Due to our excellent work, the client approached us when they wanted to introduce new functions and services to the Irshad chain of stores and make corresponding changes to the website's functionality.


In response, we optimized the website's architecture, implementing new features that enhanced the user's online shopping experience and eliminated the need for physical store visits.


One of our latest projects is the development of the mobile App. Our goal for the mobile application was to create a simple, fast and user-friendly interface that would serve as a convenient alternative to visiting physical electronics stores. Our dedicated team designed an application that not only facilitated online purchasing but also offered additional functionalities such as personalized accounts, credit-based purchasing and payment options, a bonus system, a loyalty program and the ability to track the status of equipment being repaired at Irshad stores.


It gives us great pride to state that the Irshad app stands as the top-selling application in Azerbaijan, solidifying its success in the market.

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