Design and advertising campaign for 1 kart

We took on the exciting task of developing a design and advertising campaign for the first-ever all-in-one plastic card in Azerbaijan, combining pension, credit, deposit, and debit functionalities. Our aim was to showcase the card's unique features and functions through a captivating campaign.


For a teaser campaign, we used outdoor advertising and an entertaining social media platform with a catchy slogan. In a short time, the teaser campaign attracted hundreds of thousands of people. Remarkably, the campaign got over 200,000 shares on social media, achieving this with zero media budget investment.


The card's distinctiveness is emphasized by its vertical orientation, setting it apart from all other plastic cards in Azerbaijan. The card design adopts a minimalistic approach, featuring the number "1" against a patterned corporate background that reflects Kapital Bank's branding. The essence of uniqueness is captured by the slogan "Səndən 1 dənədir" ("you are the only one"), beautifully conveying the concept behind the card.


The presentation was supported by the website, outdoor advertising, print products, social media and TV commercials, prepared by us. Thus, the card "1kart" started to work, to bring convenience and uniqueness to millions of clients of Kapital Bank.

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