Branding and advertising campaign for Bolkart

Bank of Baku approached us to assist in introducing the first widely used plastic card in Azerbaijan. Our objective was to develop a comprehensive brand identity, including a character, slogan, and colour scheme while creating an effective advertising campaign. We have developed a concept for two campaigns as well as the slogan "Bala bala ödə" and created a distinct character. Our team also designed and developed a mobile application, website and audio and video content for the campaign. As a result, "Bolkart," Azerbaijan's first plastic card, gained significant popularity and has maintained its leadership position in the market to the present day.


In subsequent years, the integration of the MasterCard payment system into Bolkart plastic cards became a noteworthy development. To communicate this exciting news to Bolkart users, we developed a clear and engaging advertising campaign. Our aim was to inform users that their Bolkart could be used wherever the MasterCard payment system was accepted.


We have consistently updated the website, offering new opportunities for its users. Our studio has also executed the design development of the website.

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