Jeykhun Imanov Studio | What we do

Web products

We don’t just develop a web site or a mobile app – we design powerful tools to help increase your sales, raise brand awareness and enhance user interaction. So the actual end product depends on what the client wants to achieve, and not necessarily what he wants to order from the agency. So from prototype design and content generation to coding and programming…we do it all.

  • Websites 
  • Mobile apps 
  • Programing 
  • Research 
  • Product strategy 
  • Customer insight 
  • Idea generation 
  • User experience


A strong brand is vital in today’s competitive market. Businesses need a character, personality, and a face that represents and communicates their promise to customers.

We offer full branding solutions based on thorough research with a drop of intuition to arrive at a brand's positioning framework. We produce and develop inspiring brand identities that create value and positive change. Our brand structuring incorporates actionable marketing and communication strategies that increase the brand's capability in the market.

JIS will help solidify your corporate vision and business goals into a functional and emotional asset of your product – your brand.

  • Brand positioning
  • Naming
  • Logotypes
  • Brand identities
  • Brand books
  • Brand guidelines
  • Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Intranet
  • Communication strategy
  • Exhibitions stands
  • Events
  • Interiors and exteriors
  • Presentations
  • Design materials
  • SEO / SERM
  • Uniforms


We design everything…almost. Our offer includes art direction and graphic design for logotypes, brochures, annual reports, calendars, magazines, vehicles, t-shirts, and video. We also do ambient design for exhibition stands, urban facilities, interiors and exteriors, as well as industrial and packaging design. Corporate design (brochures, annual reports, layouting, calendars, magazines, vehicles, motion design, animation, posters, plastic cards, uniform, leaflets, events)

  • Logotypes
  • Corporate styles
  • Brochures
  • Annual reports
  • Calendars
  • Magazines
  • Vehicles
  • Motion design
  • Animation
  • Exhibitions
  • Posters
  • Leaflets
  • Events
  • Architecture
  • Interior and Exterior
  • Plastic cards
  • Greeting cards
  • Uniform
  • Promo souvenirs
  • Industrial design


JIS approaches advertising with the belief that, businesses need exceptionally strong messages to be distinguished from the competition— and motivate the customers to buy.

We produce cleverly designed ads that help you achieve your objectives and targets. We immerse in the lives of our target audience and capture the customers’ imaginations. These insights lay the foundation of an effective communication strategy that underpins the advertising message. Achieving milestones with compelling advertising campaigns. That is what we do.

  • Commercial
  • Outdoors 
  • Animation 
  • Radio spot 
  • Prints
  • Slogans 
  • Product naming 
  • Promo websites 
  • Games
  • BTL campaigns 
  • Media
  • Social media - SMM

Search Optimization (SEO)

We maximize exposure and visibility across all search engines by providing relevant brand content to users and ensuring effective search. SEO provides opportunities for brands to create sales, leads and enquiries and help customers engage with your brand.

Our SEO consulting team can utilize organic search engine optimization tactics and take a website from a virtual unknown to page one ranking. We build our optimization strategy based on concentrated market analysis and optimize all aspects of effective search. We maximize exposure and visibility across all search engines by providing relevant brand content to users.

We study your users and their search habits, so that we can ensure that they easily and quickly find you online.

Service design and 
Customer experience

A successful product should be designed around usability, accessibility, and positive interaction with end user. UX is the process that enhances these factors.

We ensure an innovative concurrence between digital and physical experiences of users, by employing our user-oriented culture and methodology in all of our processes.

Our creativity and extensive knowledge of the market enables us to identify significant opportunities and launch new products and services for customers, while conceptualizing more effective approaches to business methodology.