Logotype and corporate style for Avionics

Avionics is one of the biggest global booking systems where travel agencies can book everything needed for travel such as tickets, hotels, cars and so on. At the same time Avionics is chain of travel agencies with its headquarter in Dubai. The task was to create a logo and corporate identity for Avionics that is suitable both for the booking system and agency. The brief also included interior and exterior design creation of the Avionics offices. 

For visualizing the notions of travel and search system together, geometric form in the shape of drop was used as logo and main element of the corporate identity. In the current creative, the drop plays the role of pins and bubbles. Pins are indicating various places where travelers have been, and bubbles are reflecting their memories about those places. It is easy to build corporate communication with the help of this element, story from the first person and any photo.