Framed Calendar for R.I.S.K company

R.I.S.K. is Azerbaijani IT Company carrying out projects in 12 countries around the world. The aim of the project is to create a corporate calendar of this company for 2012 that would successfully show the audience the scale of the company’s business and would be noticed among numerous calendars sent to the important stakeholders of the company in New Year Eve.

For this, an interesting tactic was chosen – a calendar in the form of framed canvas was created. Canvases are one of the most organic parts of any interior and do not irritate viewers. It is a pleasure to gaze at ingeniously drawn pictures that decorate most offices.

The main message of the calendar is that R.I.S.K. has global operations. For this, UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in the countries, where R.I.S.K. works, were shown on each page of the calendar.