BP Azerbaijan

As one of the biggest companies of the world, BP has played an important role in economic life of Azerbaijan for 25 years.  In addition, it takes active part in implementation of the social projects. Cooperation between “Jeykhun Imanov Studio” and "BP Azerbaijan" began in 2005.

Our goal was to create safety communication for BP Azerbaijan. Time passes by and workers stop paying attention to different communications. That's why we created communications with real objects on them.

Having successfully performed more than 300 works of various categories over the years, our team was awarded many times. The most important of them was the award from BP which we won in 2007 as one of the best design agencies accredited in the world.

Our studio was awarded this desired prize for Avian Flu project designed to draw attention to bird flu problem.

This success was very significant for both our studio and all Azerbaijan. The reason is that the company not from the USA or Great Britain won this award for the first time.

Jeykhun Imanov Studio has grown together with BP for 15 years. We decorate its booth at oil and gas exhibitions, make its annual reports, develop calendars and greeting cards for it as well as implement other projects with it.  The basis of this successful cooperation is multiyear experience and a sincere desire to understand each other.

Our studio has also developed design of the Compass magazine which is connected with the oil and gas industry. Constantly improving this edition, our team has made it the best among the similar magazines.

BP Azerbaijan, the initiator of the numerous successful projects of Azerbaijan culture, has supported shooting of a full-length documentary about Vagif Mustafazade, the composer, pianist and founder of jazz-mugham style. The design reflects expression of Vagif Mustafazade silhouette in notes. The design is also used on the film CDs and DVDs.

BP Azerbaijan always reminds people who have left a mark on life of country. People live for their well wishing and beautiful aims and set an example for future generation throughout history. Great benefactor, honest man, pedagogue, person who hadn't deny his wealth to countries economical and culturial development, generous Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiev is one of those people. Our purpose is to demonstrate H.Z. Tagiev's life and charitable activities on the calendar.

On December 17, 2013, the ceremony of signing of the last investment decision on the project Shah Deniz took place. We were entrusted with creation of the design of the book for this occasion. Our purpose was to develop a simple design of the book emphasizing greatness of the project.

A farewell party for “BP Azerbaijan” president David Woodward took place in 2006.  We have created the concept of this action in which over 2000 workers thanked the chief for the cooperation. We covered hall walls with white linen, installed smartboards and directed the projectors connected to them to the walls. In the real time workers were writing their thankful words and it was very touching.