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20 February 2013

Fan Kredit advertising campaign for Bank of Baku

Bank of Baku is one of the leading banks in Azerbaijan and the loyal client of JIS is launching new campaign that will allow Facebook fans get credit without usual reference documents.

We started with the creation of the teaser cover photos starring profile pictures of real social media users who would be eligible to get credit soon. Every week the cover photo was changing, introducing new person.

Later we developed the FB application that allowed bank customers get credit online.

Result: Number of FB fans on the BoB page increased for hundreds as a result of higher interest to campaign.


Cover introducing potential client of the campaign

"Get credit in Facebook. Already operating" cover

Cover showing off the successful client who will be granted a credit soon

Campaign advertising in the social media

Page appearing after customer submits the request

15 February 2013

Favorite brands with Bolkart advertising campaign


08 March 2013

Promo Campaign for Bolkart on the 8th of March


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