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27 December 2012

Effective Ideas calendar 2013 for R.I.S.K company

R.I.S.K. is Azerbaijani IT Company carrying out projects in 12 countries around the world. The aim of the project is to create a corporate calendar dedicated tocompany's 20th anniversary that would successfully show the audience the scale of the company‚Äôs business and would be noticed among numerous calendars sent to the important stakeholders of the company in New Year Eve.

Creative team of JIS decided to use the moto of the client "We make your business more effective" as a main line of the calendar to proudly announce ideas implemented during 20 years of operation.

Every page of the calendar has different shape and tells about world innovations linking them with the ideas of R.I.S.K. company.

We used different print techniques to add the effect of reality to pictures, such as embossing and lettering.

Result: R.I.S.K. company received lots of positive feedback from their clients. Later on company decided to order additional calendars.

Cover page of the calendar

Message for the clients







26 December 2012

Calendar 2012 for AzerCosmos company


01 January 2013

New year greeting card for JIS


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Effective Ideas calendar 2013 for R.I.S.K company

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