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27 July 2015

Design of “Nar” head office

Having made rebranding, Nar presented its new corporate style and new logo.

In this regard, our firm was commissioned with rebranding works of Nar office.

According to the new concept of Nar, our main objective was to provide not only workers but also clients with an idea of strong domestic surroundings at Nar office.

Just as the love begins at first sight, the first impressions about a firm develop from a reception. That is why we tried to create such atmosphere for everyone to feel at home.

Walls of corridors have been decorated with decorative elements, pictures from everyday life of staff of the company, various statistical data and thematic illustrations.

Welcome to our garden.

A good library is treasure.

According to statistics, two multiplied by two is four on average.

Photos of employees.

A tasty dish recipe.

A meetin room

Childhood …

27 July 2015

Design of “NAR” halls of cinemas.


27 July 2015

Public Wi fi Camera


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