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30 November 2015

Animation clip for Nar Cloud service

The Nar companyentrusted us with creation of an animation in connection withintroduction to the market of its new Nar Cloud service.

Ourgoal was to create the animation which would explain an essence of this service to a viewer in simple and unfatiguing way.

Each businessperson wants to build a business on a strong, reliable and safe basis.

It is also necessary to use innovations to develop a business.

The Nar company proposes to businesspeople an end-to-end solution of all their communication needs for the first time in Azerbaijan. The offer includes mobile communication, stable connection to the Internet and «cloudy»solutions.

«Nar Cloud» solutions include office programs, e-mail service, collaboration and sharing of applications, data storage, inter-company fixed and mobile communication, as well as management of projects, sales and relations with clients.

Thanks to these to solutions,there will beopportunitiesof undisturbed working process, control of all processesand above all – a large decrease of IT expenses.

Expenses are optimized, and business prospers and flourishes with this proposal from the Nar company.

20 November 2015

Website for AGBank


03 December 2015

New Year Greeting Card for Azercosmos 2016


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Animation clip for Nar Cloud service

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